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18.07 13:14:41

Wulff confident despite expected sales shortfall - Finland

Scandinavian office supplies company Wulff Group says that its annual net sales will be below last year’s level, but operating profit is estimated to increase.


In its first interim report 2012, Wulff Group added that it has good opportunities to increase both net sales and operating profit in 2012.


Based on the Group management’s recent outlook for 2012, the annual net sales will decrease from last year’s level but Wulff still has good opportunities to increase the operating profit excluding non-recurring items due to the cost-efficiency improvement actions taken.


Typically in the industry, the annual profit is made in the last quarter of the year. In 2011, the Wulff’s net sales totalled EUR 99 million and operating profit reached EUR 1.6 million.


Based on the preliminary interim report information in January-June 2012, Wulff ’s net sales totalled EUR 45 million (EUR 50 million) and operating profit reached EUR 0.3 million (EUR 0.5 million).


Wulff publishes its interim report for January-June 2012 on Friday August 10, 2012

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