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04.06 15:39:25

Staples highlights importance of safety products - USA

A Staples.com survey of small business managers and office workers on office health and safety showed gaps in office workers’ awareness of companies’ safety plans and preparedness.


The survey, conducted in advance of National Safety Month, found that managers were far better informed on workplace safety preparedness than office workers, who were uncertain on what they should do in case of an emergency.


According to a Staples.com survey, office managers were almost 50 percent more likely than non-managers to be able to locate their company's safety-related supplies such as caution and wet floor signs. Only 19 percent of office workers think their company is prepared for a major medical emergency.


Staples has been increasing its range of safety products to include a significantly larger selection of personal protective equipment like gloves and eye/ear/face protection, fire extinguishers and first aid supplies.

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