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27.07 08:36:06

Ricoh uses scrap metal for printers - Japan

Ricoh together with Tokyo Steel Manufacturing has developed electric furnace-made steel sheets  with the properties required for use in office equipment parts, and decided to use the material for multifunctional printers.

The first models will be released during fiscal 2012. This is the first time in the office industry that devices will be built in part with electric furnace-made steel sheets.

Steel sheets made in electric furnaces have mostly been used as a construction material with an emphasis on strength. The joint development undertaken by the two companies has succeeded in ensuring the quality and features required for office equipment use, including thinness (a thickness of 2mm or less), electrical conductivity and processability, enabling their use in office equipment.

Ricoh says that if we are to continue using limited resources into the future, we need to start using steel sheets made of steel scrap and produced in electric furnaces for all possible applications.

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