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20.06 09:25:50

Portucel Soporcel Group at RIO+20 Conference - Portugal

The Portucel Soporcel group is set to take part in the RIO+20 Conference, running from June 13 to 22 in Rio de Janeiro.
With the prime aim of assuring renewed political commitment to sustainable development, the Conference will bring together heads of state and government to debate the green economy in the context of sustainable development and the eradication of poverty.
In view of the strategic importance to Portugal’s economic, environmental and social development of the management of its forestry resources, Paula Guimarães, in charge of forest certification at the Portucel Soporcel group, will be making a presentation in the Portuguese Pavilion on 21 June on “Forest Management and Certification in the Portuguese Paper Industry”.
The Portucel Soporcel group will take the chance offered by the event in Rio to highlight that the responsible forest management practices of Portuguese companies in the pulp and paper sector (of which the Group accounts for approximately 70%), whose certified woodlands represent 70% of the total certified forests in Portugal, provide clear evidence of how well-managed forest plantations can make a positive contribution to the integrity of ecosystems at a landscape level, to the conservation of biodiversity and to furthering the common social and economic good.

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