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01.06 10:19:11

Office Depot to sign up to PayPal - USA

Office Depot is among a growing list of American retailers that will soon allow customers to make in-store purchases through PayPal by using their mobile phone number or swiping their PayPal payment card.

“PayPal is moving its traditional online payment service into the offline world by enabling customers to pay with PayPal at the checkout counter,” PayPal spokesman Anuj Nayar said. “PayPal is turning all 110 million of its active accounts into digital wallets.”

 “Retailers also benefit from digital wallets in that they are connected to their buyers through every phase of the sales cycle,” adds Nayar. “PayPal can help drive customers into the store, and offer new ways to pay with any connected device during the sale, and alternate payment options after a sale by paying installment payments.”

PayPal expects to process $7 billion in net mobile payments this year, up from $4 billion last year.

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