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27.06 12:56:35

Lyreco launches revamped webshop - France

Lyreco has put its new and freshly revamped webshop online.


The French company said that the new webshop is the result of “several months of hard work on benchmarking, auditing, design, development and content.”


The new webshop replaces OLO and goes under the name of the umbrella brand Lyreco. It will have a unique Internet address made up of the domain name and country extension (e.g. Lyreco.fr for France) The unique site and address will make it easier to find and access the website via search engines.


New features include:

-  a fully redesigned homepage

- a dedicated dashboard to save items, personal information and messages

- a quick and easy search function thanks to the new search engine tool

- a shopping cart accessible from anywhere

- more promotional opportunities


The webshop will not be open to the general public, but will remain a complementary tool for Lyreco salespeople.

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