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15.06 08:18:16

Cloud computing does not represent the future of IT - World

A report released by Forrester says that cloud computing does not represent the future of IT.

While many IT applications will be transferable to cloud based architecture, other will not. The future of IT will be represented by a mixed environment of cloud and physical on-site systems.

James Staten, an analyst at Forrester, said: “Not everything will move to the cloud as there are many business processes, data sets and workflows that require specific hardware or proprietary solutions that can’t take advantage of cloud economics. For this reason we’ll likely still have mainframes 20 years from now.”

The report also warns that those companies that have chosen a private cloud architecture as their main cloud strategy will not realise the savings that can be made through public cloud services or through an architecture that combines both public and private cloud IT capabilities - usually known as a hybrid cloud architecture

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