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BPGI announces success of new meeting format - Netherlands (the)

BPGI reports ‘the most market-efficient meetings we’ve ever experienced,’ as its speed dating format on May 22nd brought leading office products suppliers to meet face to face with buyers from across Europe, Russia and Africa.


“Putting 19 European BPGI preferred suppliers in front of 23 office products buying groups and dealers in a way in which they can each advance their business issues presents logistical challenges. By using this format of individual meetings, we have succeeded in satisfying both suppliers and our member groups,” said Claude Ackermann, Chairman of the Board of BPGI, the world’s largest consortium of office products buying groups.


Prior to the meeting, BPGI conducted detailed surveys with both members and suppliers to set the agendas for individual discussions. At the meeting, every supplier met with every member for a scheduled amount of time. When they sat down they were both prepared with predetermined agendas and much was accomplished. In all 110 hours of meetings took place on the ship Jules Verne, while it cruised the harbour of Europe’s largest port.


“We are conducting post-meeting surveys with both suppliers and members to obtain detailed reactions about this innovative meeting format,” Mr. Ackermann said. “But our preliminary readings from everyone are very positive. At this point it appears to be not a question of whether this will be repeated, but when.”

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