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30.06 13:10:19

Bong receives Carbon Reduction Label - Sweden

Swedish envelope maker Bong has announced that it has been awarded the right to carry the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label on its mailing solutions made of DuPont Tyvek.

The products covered by the Carbon Reduction Label are manufactured from Tyvek material made by DuPont de Nemours (Luxembourg). Bong says that they are the first mailing products to achieve Carbon Trust certification. They are marketed throughout Western Europe, Poland, and Russia, exclusively by Bong AB.
"We knew that Tyvek mailing solutions performed well from an environmental point of view because independent experts had already tested them for DuPont," says Bill Callcut, European Product Manager – Security, at Bong AB. "That gave us the confidence to go one step further and measure our own greenhouse gas emissions and seek independent certification from the Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification Company.”

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