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29.06 08:47:56

Adimpo becomes Cherry's official distributor - Spain

The leading wholesaler of computer products and consumables, Adimpo, and the German manufacturer, Cherry, have reached an agreement whereby Adimpo becomes official distributor of the Company in Spain.


Thanks to this partnership, Adimpo will begin to distribute peripheral products manufactured by Cherry such as keyboards, mice, card readers and input devices.


“The collaboration with Adimpo is essential to carry out our growth strategy, because working with the most important wholesaler of consumables in Spain is always a successful guarantee. We are confident that the common working with Adimpo will benefit both companies” has said Josep María Molins, Cherry Sales Manager.


Ramón Vidal, Adimpo´s Managing Director, has pointed out that “Cherry is one the most important companies in its sector and it is a privilege working with them. We think that Cherry´s products that we are going to commercialize suit and complement perfectly with Adimpo´s portfolio.”

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