ISG has been recognised as the leading sourcing guide for the stationery and office products industry since 1999.

ISG's roots can be traced back to the 1970's to an international sourcing guide which was published in French called "Papeterie Articles & Marques".  With the increase of global commerce and the emergence of new markets in the 1990's, the industry asked us to develop the publication in English, and so ISG was born.

Each year, the directory has been revised and enhanced to provide relevant and up-to-date information for professionals in the office products, stationery, school and craft industries. As well as the company database, there is information about trade shows, brands, trade associations & useful addresses, publications, a Who's Who, reports and interviews with key industry players.

Thanks to its global reach and presence at all the main international trade shows, ISG also operates a weekly international news service and also produces special publications such as the Paperworld Frankfurt and Paperworld China buyers' newsletters.

Checked and updated on a continual basis, the ISG directory now lists over 10,000 companies from all over the world.  Indeed, the database has become so large, that it is no longer feasible to list all the companies in a manageable printed publication.  Therefore in January 2006, ISG launched its new website which enables users to search the entire databank online, get daily news, discover new products & innovations and add comments.

ISG is a publication of the Helios International Group, a third generation family publishing company based in France.  Within the sphere of stationery and office products, the group is well-known for publishing the leading French trade magazine Le Papetier de France (one of the founding publications of ISPA, the International Stationery Press Association) and the French end-user magazine Info Buro Mag.

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The ISG Team

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